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San Cristobal


San Cristobal-Santa Cruz-Isabela-Excursions

Stay active and soak up the wonders of the Galapagos Islands. This is a non-stop 8-day adventure. On land, we will hit the trails, both for hiking and biking. We will stroll with Giant Tortoises in their natural habitat, and glide past the gazing land iguanas. Snorkel with penguins, turtles, marine iguanas, and much more. Kayak with playful sea lions and a chance for some dolphin encounters as well. There’s a flex day that typically has us visiting the fourth island, usually near Santa Cruz, or it can be used to participate in another activity of your choice. An adventure-filled week for active nature lovers.

Galapagos Adventure Sports


After settling into our hotels, we will have a kick bite then set off on the bikes. We cruise through the highlands of San Cristobal, enjoying panoramic views of the island. We then descend to the water, to a spot known as La Loberia. Here we will snorkel with sealions and other marine life.

Included meals: Lunch

A morning arrival to Kicker Rock has us suiting up for one of the world’s premier snorkeling destinations. Two giant rock formations tower over 500 ft above, divided by a narrow channel rich in marine life. While snorkeling the channel you cannot help but feel inspired by nature’s creative powers, while also getting the chance to observe some amazing marine species.

The afternoon will be a bit more relaxing, with a chance to explore some trails and snorkel at the beach of Cerro Brujo. The landscapers are impressive here and we will continue to get unique wildlife viewing opportunities.

Included meals: Breakfast & Snack

We depart San Cristobal by speedboat heading to Santa Cruz Island. Before lunch we will visit the Charles Darwin Station. This is where the primary research, educational programs, and wildlife management are based out of. A trip to the archipelago would not be complete without a visit to the station.

In the afternoon we will explore the highlands of Santa Cruz, with our primary visit taking us to a local ranch where we will be able to observe the famous Giant Galapagos Tortoises in their natural habitat. We will take a short hike, where we will learn about the unique ecosystem and vegetation of the island’s highlands.

Included meals: Breakfast & Lunch

Depending on the season, and your preferences as well, we will visit one of the nearby islands to Santa Cruz. We will have the options of Bartolome, Chinese Hat, North Seymour, or Santa Fe. Depending on where we visit, we could do some snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, or maybe some ecological fishing.

Included meals: Breakfast & Lunch

In the morning we set for Concha Perla beach on Isabela Island. There will be plenty of wildlife sunbathing here, so go ahead, throw your beach towel out between the sealions and iguanas.

In the afternoon we will kayak to the Tintoreras Islet, taking its name from the abundance of white-tipped sharks frequenting the waters. Here we should get our first chance to observe the Galapagos Penguin.

Included meals: Breakfast & Lunch

About an hour out of town, we will find the lava tunnels. The water is crystal clear on most days, allowing us to observe the sea floor. On the way to our snorkeling point we normally see Blue Footed Boobies, pelicans, rays, and other marine life. The combination of the lava formations and the marine life, which often includes sharks, will surely make today one of the highlights of the trip..

Many snorkel sites in the Galapagos have strong currents, but not this one! Lava tunnels are great for beginners, as the water is nice and calm.

In the afternoon we will do some exploration on solid ground. Where we hope to get some close encounters with Boobies!

Included meals: Breakfast & Lunch

We will have morning departure up the highlands of Isabela, with our destination being the Sierra Negra Volcano. This is the second largest caldera in the world and the view is impressive! An hour’s hike will have us exploring the caldera, often giving us a chance to see fumes rising from this still active volcano.

In the afternoon we will return to Santa Cruz, where we will have some free time to explore the town.

Included meals: Breakfast and Lunch

For those who want to get up early for some last-minute exploration, shopping, or photos, this is your last chance. You will have time for 2-3 hours around town before we need to head towards Baltra and get you to the airport. Most flights depart 11-12:00.

Included meals: Breakfast

Galapagos Adventure Sports

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 Hotel Class 8 Days
3 Star

Galapagos Adventure Sports


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