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Coca-Yasuni National Park

The Napo Wildlife Center eco-lodge was established in 2003, providing a new eco-friendly approach to travel for those visiting the Amazon rainforest. Kichwa culture is an important aspect of your visit to the center, as their traditions are incorporated in the way you will experience the rainforest. We will explore a variety of trails, searching for wildlife, and learning about the medicinal properties of plant life.

The Napo Wildlife Center is located on the shores of the Anangucocha Lagoon, boasting views over the water from many of the cabins and social areas. This lodge is owned and operated by the local community, they are honored to receive guests from around the world and share with them the importance of the Amazon.

Napo Wildlife Center


Sample 5 Day Itinerary

We have a late morning departure from the Amazon port town of Coca. Coca can be reached either by bus (5 hours) or flight (45 minutes) from Quito. You will be met at the airport and transported to the docks at the Rio Napo.

We blaze along the Napo by motorboat, with the chance to spot bird species along the way. As we get closer to the lodge, we will transfer to paddle canoes as to not disturb the wildlife as we make our way deeper into the reserve.

Upon arrival, we will store our gear and receive a brief orientation, while enjoying some refreshments. Some afternoon/nocturnal trail exploration will be available or a chance to relax around the lodge.

We start off the morning with a 30-minute trail walk, taking us to the observation tower. Along the way we learn about the diverse flora, and hope to spot some critters. The observation tower is 120 feet tall, which puts us in prime spot or observing the jungle canopy. We will be able to observe many colorful bird species, and the primates often swing in for a chance to observe us.

In the afternoon we will trek through the rainforest. We will learn more about the bromeliads, orchids, vines, and other flora that make the forest unique. We’ll also have a chance to explore some local waterways, hoping to spot some marine life that may include an encounter with a Giant Otter.

The morning gives us an amazing display of color and chaos. We will visit a nearby clay lick, where species such as parrots, macaws, and parakeets flurry about. After the birds finish their breakfast they head to the clay licks, as the minerals they find here help them to digest their meal.

In the afternoon we will visit the Kichwa Anangu community. We will learn about their traditions and daily way of life. We will share in song, dance, and a local fermented beverage known as Chicha. For many, this can be the highlight of a visit to the Amazon, as many deep connections can be formed.

Early morning is a great time for exploring trails, as many species of birds are active, and the temperatures are cooler. We will be searching for insects, as the birds will be too, and we should be able to see different primates as well. We will have a midday break at the lodge, where we will also learn about some of the flora & fauna right in our back yard.

In the afternoon we will explore a bit more the local waterways, searching for turtles, caiman, otters, and maybe the elusive pink river dolphin. At night we will enjoy a stroll, looking primarily for spiders and snakes, if you dare.

Today the staff will prepare a special farewell breakfast. Take some pics and remember this moment, hopefully, you’ve made some friends and will come back on a future occasion. We paddle away from the lodge, enjoying one last pristine view of the thatched-roof huts and the lagoon. After a motorized canoe ride, we will take you back to the airport for a midday return to Quito.

Napo Wildlife Center

-Rates & Inclusions-

 Days 4 days/ 3 nights 5 days/ 4 nights 6 days/ 5 nights 7 days/ 6 nights 8 days/ 7 nights Airfare
Standard Double/Triple $1425 $1746 $2073 $2385 $2682 $240
Standard Single Traveler $2260 $2741 $3229 $3696 $4143 $240
Suite Double/Triple $1685 $2087 $2460 $2847 $3204 $240
Suite Single Traveler $2648 $3249 $3811 $4390 $4927 $240


*Prices are per person
*Airfare subject to change and can sometimes be lower
*Please inquire about discounts for children under 12

Napo Wildlife Center


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