Napo Cultural Center




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Coca-Yasuni National Park

The Napo Cultural Center is located in one of the planet’s most biodiverse regions, the Yasuni National Park of the mighty Amazon rainforest. The accommodations are modern, and the service is top-notch. With direct access to the Kichwa community, you will enjoy traditional meals, and we will share in ancestral rites, such as the Wayusada ceremony and the Catamaran trade routes emulation. This area is rich in wildlife and culture.

The ecolodge has 12 guest cabins, accommodating up to 36 guests. All cabins have ventilation, electricity, hot water, and a private bathroom. There are common areas for relaxing, dining, and grabbing a drink.

Napo Cultural Center


The first and last days will be the same for 3-5 day itineraries. The three full-day activities are included in the 5-day itinerary, while those on shorter trips will participate in one or two of the full-day options. All of the full days offer wildlife exploration, with a few different cultural experiences varying from day today. These itineraries often change, some days mixing with others. Always indicate to your guide your preferences and expectations upon arrival to the lodge, to get the most out of your visit.

Napo River Navigation – Wildlife Observation – “Playas” Trail – Kayaking

Imagine crossing the rainforest across a bridge 94 feet (36 meters) high over the treetops. This 940-foot (275-meter) sturdy walkway is fixed to the ground by three metal towers and offers an astounding opportunity to spot dozens of animals and epiphytes seldom seen from the ground, immersed in the canopy. You might even follow along with troops of monkeys as they forage through the forest canopy. And if you don’t see them, you’ll almost certainly hear them: howler monkeys roaring through the sunset like true kings of the jungle.

“Samona” Trail – Wildlife Observation – Canopy Tower

In the early morning, we will head to the observation tower, as this is the best time for bird watching. We will ascend over 120 feet to gain the best viewing chances of birds and primates. We will take our time exploring rainforest trails before and after lunch. In the afternoon we will spend time with the local community, learning about and participating in local traditions and customs.

Añangu Community Visit – “Mama Kuna” Trail – Canoeing – Wildlife Observation

Walk along the Mama Kuna trail, searching for wildlife. We will visit the Añangu community, learning about and participating in their sustainable projects. In the afternoon we will take a canoe along the Añangu stream. A nocturnal walk will have us witnessing a changing of the guard, as new mammals and reptiles take over the forest for the night.

“Kuri Muyu” Cultural Center – Canopy Tower – Clay Licks – Ancestral Catamaran

We will navigate the Napo on an eco-catamaran, learning about the traditional trade routes of the indigenous communities. Along the way we will do some bird-watching, hoping to spot Parrots, Caciques, Orioles, Herons, and many others. A stop at the clay licks provides a colorful display of parrots, parakeets, and maybe Toucans. We will dock the boat and take a stroll through the forest. This will give us a great chance to spot different primates and maybe even a sloth. In the afternoon we will visit the homes of some of the community members, learning about their way of life. At the community center, we will learn about the Kichwa dance and music. The women of the community will show us their handicrafts, and the integration of natural resources.

Wayusa Ritual – Dream Interpretation Session – Napo River Navigation

An optional early morning (5 AM) departure will have us visiting the community, to share in the traditional preparation of the Wayusa drink. This beverage can both relax the nerves and provide energy. We will listen to local music and learn local relaxation techniques from the natives. We set back to the lodge for breakfast, then pack up and head back to Coca in time to catch our flights back to Quito.

Napo Cultural Center

-Rates & Inclusions-

Room type 3 days/ 2 nights 4 days/ 3 nights 5 days/ 4 nights
Standard 709 859 1013
Suite 809 980 1155

Napo Cultural Center


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