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Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Galapagos Islands with our diving cruises. Discover the incredible biodiversity of the Galapagos marine ecosystem and encounter some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. Book your Galapagos diving cruise today and make your dream of diving in the Galapagos a reality.

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Boat Tour Name Departure Date Arrival Date Availability Price From
Calipso 4 days Cruise Itineary 'Naturalist' 2023-06-19 2023-06-22 3 $2845
Calipso 5 days Cruise Itineary 'Naturalist' 2023-06-29 2023-07-03 4 $4445
Nortada 8 days Cruise Itinerary 'Diving' 2023-07-21 2023-07-28 6 $4750.00Price:
Calipso 8 days Cruise Itineary 'Naturalist' 2023-08-10 2023-08-17 10 $6545
Nortada 8 days Cruise Itinerary 'Naturalist' 2023-08-11 2023-08-18 4 $4750.00Price:

Galapagos Islands

Diving Cruises

The Calipso Galapagos Cruise vessel was fully renovated in 2019 and now offers traditional naturalist itineraries and...
4-15 Days
16 Guests
The Nortada Galapagos dive boat was built in France, by Naval Builder Guy Couach, this vessel has been completely renovated...
Dive Boat
8 Days
16 Guests