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We’ve found that most of our clients sought us out for a few simple and important reasons; first-hand knowledge of our offered trips, courteous and professional service, competitive pricing, and of course our vantage of being based out of the United States. Our passion for Ecuador is contagious and we want you to get as much out of your visit as possible, from a spectacular tour down to the best dive restaurants and must-sees in-between.

Our company is incorporated in the U.S., in Utah to be precise (our founder’s home state). We maintain a carefully curated network of guides, drivers, partners and operators in Ecuador. This uniquely positions us to provide our clients with better customer assistance, simplified and reduced transaction costs, and the peace of mind needed when booking a tour in a foreign country. You get the security that comes with working with an American company, and the local knowledge you get from working with an Ecuadorian one. We are licensed, insured, and meet the U.S. compliancy regulations for travel companies working in the United States.

Secure USA BOOKINGS, Best Price Guarantee and No Planning fees! Ecuador Unlimited does not charge the extra fees that are becoming commonplace in the industry.  You will find all of our pricing to be at or below the recommended selling price by the operators.  Ecuador Unlimited provides competitive pricing, secure payments, and the highest level consumer protection and privacy.

Our goal is to provide a trouble-free experience for our clients. We accomplish this with thorough planning, an easy booking process, and top-level service both before and during your travels. Our travel team has assisted hundreds of clients plan and book their adventures to the Galapagos Islands, Amazon jungle, Andes, and cloud forest.

With the help of our clients & communities, we discover a little more of Ecuador every day. Come, experience amazing, Ecuador style…and fall in love…

BBB Accredited Business

Ecuador Unlimited is the only dedicated Galapagos Islands travel agency Accredited with the Better Business Bureau. In doing so we are dedicated to the 8 Guiding Principles of a BBB Accredited Business

Another unique feature of our agency is that we carry Travel Agent specific Liability Insurance through Berkshire Hathaway. This protects both our clients and ourselves in the event any errors are made by the agency.

Travel Philosophy & Mission

As a team and as a company, our responsible travel policies and practices are ever-growing. However, our unwavering commitment to environmental conservation and respect for local cultures remains a constant in our business practices. Those principles and philosophies are built on the following foundation:

Respect for the natural environment

Minimal impact on the environment is our focus. To do this, we use responsible leadership practices and keep our tour groups as small as possible. We comply with all national park rules, and lead by example, constantly trying to show others new ways to leave a minimal footprint.

Promotion of Education & Cultural Respect

Our guides and employees prepare our clients for encounters with the cultures, flora, and fauna in Ecuador to guarantee every visit is respectful of both the people and the environment encountered.

Sustainability & Local Support

We are passionate about supporting local communities in the areas we travel. Our active engagement with the communities that we take our clients to enables us to participate in programs that authentically preserve and sustain their beauty for future generations.

Avoidance of Over-Visited Locations

We do our part to avoid areas that are over-visited and under-managed on our trips. This contributes to a more sustainable service that benefits the environment and our clients.

Support for Ecosystems

Our staff builds awareness and appreciation for the preservation of the ecosystems we visit. Each trip is designed in a way that is both enjoyable but also brings awareness to our impact on the environment.

Ongoing Training

We are only as good as our cumulative team strength, which is why we all participate in continual training and have access to information about the health of the environment and local eco-projects.


Through donations, sponsorships, and awareness programs, we support the conservation of our tour visit areas. Each client indirectly supports our contributions when they book a tour or trip with us. A percentage of all revenue goes to support these larger efforts and programs.


We work with individuals, organizations, and local communities to ensure we develop sustainable tourism projects that support local economies. Our mission is to do this to reduce our environmental and cultural impact on local regions.

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